NGOs / POs Accreditation Form

NGO's / PO's Accreditation Requirements

  1. Letter of Application
  2. Duly accomplished Application Form for Accreditation (4 copies)
  3. Duly approved Board Resolution signifying intention for accreditation for the purpose of representation in the local special body
  4. Certificate of Registration issued by the (SEC, CDA, DOLE, DHSUD/HLURB) or existing valid Certificate of Accreditation issued by the [Name of NGA] or Certification issued by the NCIP
  5. List of Current Officers
  6. Minutes of the Annual Meetings of the immediately preceding year certified by the organization’s board secretary or Certification from the board secretary certifying the annual meeting’s conduct, including the date, location, attendees, and agenda
  7. Annual Accomplishment Report for the immediately preceding year
  8. Financial Statement, at the minimum, signed by the executive officers of the organization, of the immediately preceding year, and indicating therein other information such as revenue, expenses, and the source(s) of funds